Monday, March 21, 2011

Updated Facts About Me

I've changed a lot since July of last year, so I thought I would update this:

1. I've been in college for almost two semesters, and I still don't understand why everyone loves it so much.

2. Even though 2010 involved a lot of spiritual growth for me, I think that I have grown even more in 2011.

3. I have officially been a member of White Springs Baptist Church for a year. I really don't know what I would do without my church. God has opened so many doors through the people I've met there, and I'm so thankful He placed me there when He did.

4. I was 17 the last time I posted on my blog. I'll be 19 pretty soon, but I still feel like a little kid sometimes.

5. I'm still a complete perfectionist when it comes to spelling and grammar. It still hurts me to see a misspelled word. That fact will never change.

6. I know now that the way I think is DEFINITELY way different than any other person my age...or anyone at all.

7. I still love John Mayer. That fact is just a given. Since my last post, I have seen him in concert again...and I will see him again next time he's on tour.

8. I'm still an impatient driver. I'm working on it. Some would laugh, but putting a Jesus fish on my car was a huge step for me. I'm not the nicest person on the road sometimes...

9. I still burn up the roads. My car hit 97,000 miles on my way home tonight. My dad isn't very happy with me right now.

10. I'm at JSU now, and my major is still Elementary Ed. I have no clue what I want to do...

11. I still miss high school more than anything. I would do it all over again.

12. I've gotten to play two concerts this season with the EYO. I miss it so much, but I'm still around sometimes.

13. I still take a ton of pictures. Actually, I take more now. I recently got a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera, and I LOVE it.

14. I still get on Facebook, but not quite as much. I don't find it very interesting anymore.

15. I still have a hard time coming up with things to write about. It's going to kill me when I have to write a research paper this week.

16. I have at least 5 posts that aren't "posted" on my blog. Most of them are all on the same subject. They were all written last summer, mostly as a way to gather my thoughts. It's crazy to read them now because of the things God has allowed to happen in my life in the past few months. I may post them one day.

17. I've learned over the past year that there is no such thing as coincidence. I've seen God in so many things lately. It's gotten to the point where I'll pick out every little detail and say, "If that wouldn't have happened, this couldn't have happened," and stuff like that. I can't even explain it. Ask me about it sometime.

18. God has this one certain way of getting my attention. It's the weirdest thing ever, but only He could figure out that this would catch my attention. He decides to make it happen quite often.

19. I've really been reminded lately that God has placed many wonderful people in my life.

20. I really think that I'm weird. I guess I shouldn't wonder so much about what other people think, but that's just how I am.